Our team has been quite busy with other projects for the past year and a half. We soft of felt guilty that we could not pay more attention (as it would have deserved) to our previous product-baby – CrossTimer App. We even though about selling it to someone who can work on it and give it all it deserves to serve well to all its current and potential users. But then, we reassessed the situation – it took us a lot time and effort to bring CrossTimer to live, we believe it’s a great and useful app so why should we get rid of it? Here we are, doing our best to find as much time as we can, working on a updated version of CrossTimer. We will fix spoken exercise names, implementation undo functionality & dress it up into a new design. If you have any other idea, suggestion or request what should be implemented in the new version, please let us know. We are building this app for our users your feedback is extremely valuable.


Image of computer and book with the sign work in progress