How to use CrossTimer

Creating workouts

On the first screen tap the ‘Plus’ button in the top right corner to either create or download a WOD. You can start creating workouts from scratch (tap the Plus button on the Workout Screen) or you can base your workout on an existing workout just make the necessary changes – that might be less work (on the Overview Screen click the More Button (…) and tap “Edit a Copy”).

CrossFit workouts

Many CF WODs were uploaded into CrossTimer database for you. Pick and choose workouts you like and simply download them into you device. If you cannot find the WOD you are looking for, you can create your own WOD and share the key of your workout with your box mates. Alternatively, you already know the key of the workout somebody has created and all you need to do is to download a workout by key. 

1. AMRAP workouts (as many rounds as possible in a given time interval)

2. Rounds for time workouts

3. Strength workouts

4. Intervals 

5. Tabata Intervals

6. EMOM  workouts (every minute on the minute)