This short tutorial shows you how to create strength type of workouts and log your results in the CrossTimer App

    The easiest way how to teach you to create this type of workout is to download it from our database and have a look at how it was created.  Let’s download ‘Back Squat 5×5’ (5 sets of 5 repetions).

  1. Tap the ’ Plus’ button in the top right corner to download a workout
  2. Choose ‘Find a workout online’
  3. Choose the ‘CrossFit’ or ‘Strength’ tag
  4. Tap ‘Search’ in the top right corner
  5. Choose ‘Back Squat 5×5’ and tap ‘Download’ in the top right corner
  6. Tap ‘More Button’ (…) and tap ‘Edit’
  7. You can see how ‘Back Squat 5×5’ was created by combination of ‘Repeat’ and ‘Logger’.

print screen squat

How to create strength type of workouts (lets use Back Squat 5×5 as an example)

  1. Start creating you workout as described in ‘Creating workouts’ hint.
  2. When you open ‘create a new workout screen’, tap ‘Add exercise/Repeat or Rest’ button in the bottom left corner
  3. Choose ‘Repeat’ option.  When this table opens, choose ‘For # of rounds’ where you set up timer for 5 Rds (we are doing 5 sets)
  4. Tap ‘Add exercise button’ again, choose ‘Logger’, write down exercise you will be performing (Back Squat)
  5. Tap the ‘Log weight’ button and also ‘Log repetitions’ button
  6. Tap the ‘Done’ button in the top right corner
  7. Tap ‘Close repeat’ button in the bottom of the screen
  8. You are ready to go!   All you need to do is to log your weight each set and tap ‘Done’ button in the down right corner.
  9. After the completion of the workout, you can add your comments (Rx’d button is in the upper right corner of the screen).

You can also set up required rest intervals between your sets.